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Thank you, Phoenix

18 Jan

Just noticed today that my blog was mentioned in AGCAS Phoenix magazine in Lloyd Williams‘ web watch. A big thank you to whoever nominated/suggested me, it made my day!

So hello to anyone new who has come to have a look. It is fair to say I don’t update frequently enough. I would promise to do better this year, as I am not studying with the OU this term (my main excuse previously), but I am replacing that with wedding planning for September this year. I know promises of improved blogging are always broken as soon as they are made, so instead I will promise to be as sporadic and unpredictable as ever. But be assured that until I say otherwise, there will always be another post on the way, someday…

I do actually have one jotted down on a piece of paper somewhere, if I could only find it, so perhaps it will be sooner rather than later…