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Interesting new CV tool available from LinkedIn labs

14 Dec

The new LinkedIn Resume Builder automatically slots information from your LinkedIn profile into a CV template. It is worth a try – very quick and easy to play with (assuming you already have a LinkedIn account).

While it sounds very handy and does give instant results, on reflection I’m not sure how useful it is.

It is fairly obvious the immediate result isn’t good to go and requires editing. But what to edit? I think it could be misleading for some people when it suggests sections that you may not need, or elements to include (listed interests? college societies?). It would be easy to view these templates as prescriptive. On the other hand, I did like playing with the different templates, immediately seeing the impact of different layouts and approaches.

I looks like it is a tool best used with a careers adviser (or trusted friend) to discuss what to include, what to edit, what to leave out. So it is not really that much more convenient or time-saving. It makes a starting point, but I think that is all.

I think the underlying intention, which is more successful, is to remind us that LinkedIn would be a really convenient place to store our entire career histories to make CV writing and applications much easier in future. And of course, for LinkedIn that means more data, more people filling out their profiles fully rather than just putting in enough to facilitate networking in their present role…  So they get more data for marketing purposes. And they get more filled out, CV-like profiles on LinkedIn which would enable the next logical step – why pull out a CV from LinkedIn when you can just send the employer/recruiter your LinkedIn profile in the first place? For now, I think this tool might benefit LinkedIn more than its users.