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Thank you, Phoenix

18 Jan

Just noticed today that my blog was mentioned in AGCAS Phoenix magazine in Lloyd Williams‘ web watch. A big thank you to whoever nominated/suggested me, it made my day!

So hello to anyone new who has come to have a look. It is fair to say I don’t update frequently enough. I would promise to do better this year, as I am not studying with the OU this term (my main excuse previously), but I am replacing that with wedding planning for September this year. I know promises of improved blogging are always broken as soon as they are made, so instead I will promise to be as sporadic and unpredictable as ever. But be assured that until I say otherwise, there will always be another post on the way, someday…

I do actually have one jotted down on a piece of paper somewhere, if I could only find it, so perhaps it will be sooner rather than later…


I really am being a bad blogger…

17 May

I’m not even going to point out when I last posted. Part of the problem is that I do like to use blog posts to chew out an idea, and take some time over it, which means I never post often enough, and my posts are sometimes too long. I know. But I have been up to some things lately, which are at least worth a mention:

  • I started my Open University Certificate in Web Applications Development in January. Partly to consolidate and build on my day-to-day work, partly just for fun. I knew from previous students feedback that the course takes more time than you would expect for 10-point modules. Last term wasn’t too bad because it was HTML and CSS which is familiar to me. This term? Nightmare so far. Lots to read, and daily Javascript lessons, which is now where most of my spare time goes.
  • At work this last month I have been spending more time on library admin – we’re preparing for a Matrix assessment – and polishing up our MediaWiki intranet site. I have learned a lot, experimented a lot with widgets and extensions (and PHP eep), but as it is all password protected I’m not sure there is much I can post about on the blog. Maybe I’ll post a list of the extensions I use and recommend.
    Teddy bear models one of my earliest creations - a baby hat that   looks like a tomato

    I made this

    Bet you can’t wait!

  • My crochet addiction continues. Sometimes it is just nice to turn off the computer and craft.Of course, then I discovered Ravelry – yes even knitters have their own social network – so that is now one more place to lose time… And if you did check out my Ravelry profile just then, you’ll see an attached WordPress.org blog that hasn’t even been started. I was pleased with myself for installing it, but now I need to write the thing. Which is another classic bad blogger mistake – if you don’t have time for one blog, don’t start another!

Will write again soon.