Festive 24 Things for Web 2.0

1 Dec

I was excited to see that there is now a Festive 24 Things blog, starting today! At our last Information Officers meeting, we were talking about doing a 23 Things course for CPD. The ‘23 Things‘ brand has become quite well known: it is a free, online, try it in your own time course introducing a range of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 tools. A number different libraries and groups have developed their own versions, but the idea is the same, a light and fun introduction to Web 2.0.

Festive 24 Things is written by the lovely Damyanti, an ex-colleague of mine from Royal Holloway library, and another academic librarian called Jo who is a fantastic blogger on web 2.0 and information services (and CILIP approved) http://www.joeyanne.co.uk/. It is an advent calendar of web 2.0 with a Christmas twist – so I expect some ‘just for fun’ entries and possibly something to help with the Christmas shopping and planning…

You can keep up with it via both the blog – http://www.librarycraft.com/festive24things/ and the Twitter feed – http://twitter.com/festive24things


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