My top 10 recommended Firefox add-ons

10 Jun

I have been a long-time Firefox user, and I always thought this day would come, eventually, but now here it is! Staff complaining because certain web apps and, er, our CMS won’t work on the ONLY browser they use; and the revelation that nearly as many of our website users are now on Firefox as Internet Explorer. Firefox certainly has hit the mainstream.

As I installed it on my new netbook I realised how much I take my Firefox view of the web for granted. The following isn’t really careers-related at all, but it is quite 2.0 so I’m going with it anyway.

Here are 7 long-time favourite extensions:

  • Adblock Plus – surely sufficient reason alone for using Firefox. Using the web without it drives me nuts –  I can’t believe there are so many adverts!
  • Shareaholic – one toolbar button and I can post to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, or pretty much any other social network or bookmarking tool.
  • All-in-one Sidebarjust makes it a little easier to manage extensions and downloads.
  • Status-bar calculator – this tiny wee calculator is great for quick sums and will never get in the way
  • Download statusbar – displays download progress in the status bar instead of an annoying pop-up window – great for multiple downloads.
  • Colorful tabs – simply gives each tab a different colour. Why? Makes it easier to pick them out? Or maybe I just like it because it is pretty? I don’t know but for some reason I am completely accustomed to it and always install it.
  • Foxytunes – if you listen to music while browsing, then you might like this. You know when you want to open a video, then you have to go out to your player, pause, go back to your browser… repeat as needed. Well Foxytunes gives you a little control in the status bar so you can pause iTunes then flick to Youtube and play, and generally control a range of players from inside your browser.

And here are my 3 newest toys

  • Tab mix plus – while Firefox is now pretty good at tab management and recovery, this just adds a couple of extra features like status bars for each new tab when opening multiple tabs, highlighting of pages you haven’t viewed yet, and generally lots of options to customise tab management. Not essential but I like the tab download bars.
  • Screengrab – just what I needed today – I wanted to capture a screenshot of a whole webpage, not just what I could see in the browser window. Screengrab gives you plenty of options to capture the full page, a selection, or a frame within it, as you like. Works really well – so much quicker than copy-pasting, cropping, patching together…
  • NoScript – heard about the recent clickjacking on Facebook? This tool will block websites from running javascript until you allow the source – so if a hacker is trying to re-direct you to their dodgy outside-of-Facebook script you will be warned. It does make using the web awkward as it keeps interrupting, but I am finding it interesting at least temporarily as it reveals  all sorts of unexpected sites ‘watching’ from outside. For instance, on here,, I allow scripts from WordPress, but what is this Quantserve script? Blocked!

And now I just read on the BBC that NoScript is for nerds – well see if I care! I don’t think it is too bad to use. Ok it is quite bad. But there is no denying my nerdiness. Between my computer geekery and my boyfriend’s birdwatching we’ve got all dorkiness covered.

Btw quick question – anyone still use Flock? It seems to have dropped off the radar so I’m just curious what’s up?

And of course do you have any Firefox add-ons you recommend?


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