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1 Oct

Well, where would our education system be without league tables?? Out of a mixture of curiosity, a desire to capitalise on my most popular blog post, and a blatant urge to copy Liz Azyan’s lists of universities on Twitter I have turned my list of careers services on Twitter – UK & Ireland HE into a Twitterleague (unfortunately I can’t display it here as it gives a javascript code to embed and I am still on WordPress.com so please follow the link to view).

I had put off doing this right away as many of the careers services are new to Twitter and have yet to establish a presence – I didn’t want people to feel put off. I also strongly believe counting followers is a clumsy measure – they could all be spammers, or dormant accounts, and the older the account simply the more spammers have accumulated. It is interaction that is really important but as we don’t have a convenient measure for that, followers it has to be for now. I hope it just gives people a different perspective on the list.

Personally, I hope more people use this other list I have generated on TweepML which allows you to follow all the careers services on the list in one go. I like seeing different services RT’ing careers-related links and opportunities other universities have posted (especially when they attribute) – it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that Twitter is helping services communicate and share great opportunities to students across the country. Though does anyone worry they should be trying to protect the best information for their own students to give them the advantage?


3 Responses to “Leagues and lists – careers services on Twitter”

  1. Colin Taylor October 30, 2009 at 11:26 pm #

    We’ve just started a Twitter account at the University of Cumbria too.

    Not sure how best to market it though.

    • helencurry November 10, 2009 at 8:59 pm #

      Thanks Colin, am adding it to the lists now. I know of a couple of ways to promote accounts, might look for a couple more and post on the topic here.


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