Careers-themed Spotify playlists – too playful for the recession?

2 Sep

Seeing this story on the Dog’s Trust “doggy disco” Spotify playlist, I was inspired by (I felt the urge to blatantly copy) their idea, to create a careers-themed playlist.

And then I got far too involved.

Apparently it took the Dog’s Trust around 10 minutes to knock theirs together, and it is really great, all classics. Me? I’ve been tinkering evening after evening, and I’m still not quite happy…

I found it difficult to find enough good songs with the word “careers” in the title, so I expanded my search to “job” and “work”. This found me plenty of great songs, but a lack of coherent listenability. Now I love making playlists, and a playlist has to really hang together. So naturally I split the list up. And now I have two, going on for three playlists…

And then I realised it was all a bit of a waste of time. I had intended to share it with students via Twitter and Facebook as a bit of fun, but eventually came round to thinking that a good number of people might question why the careers service appeared to be wasting time on something so frivolous. Given the recession, unemployment, the struggles and very real fears of new graduates, it seemed far too inappropriate.

So, just for you readers, here are:

(And they are still not up to my usual standard, but I am giving up. It was hard. There are still some gems in there I loved finding – a “Career of evil” anyone?)

On a more general note, do you find that at the moment you are trying to be more serious and less playful in your communications with students, recognising their fears, or would you say the recession has not made any difference to the tone of your marketing?


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