Careers Twibe

10 Jun

I’ve always found it easy to network with librarians on Twitter, there are a lot of them around, almost too many. But what about careers? It’s been a slower and less successful search so I’ve been forced to conclude that there just aren’t that many out there. I’m hoping the recent AGCAS article (access AGCAS-only) on Twitter will encourage a few more to give it a go. If you are a careers person looking to build your network have a look in this Twibe I created for us and do join (you don’t have to join it to view it, just look to the top left of that pop-up, yes you can just X it away…).

I’m not entirely convinced how useful Twibes are. I don’t know of anyone actively using them as a way to follow and communicate with a group of people. The functionality is quite limited. It could be useful to spot current, popular topics within that field, but if I was looking for a trend I would be far more likely to just browse those three keywords and more in Twitter Search. Nevertheless, I still think they are worthwhile, if only as a directory of active twitterers sharing an interest.

We’ve still got a way to go with the Careers Twibe though…

Librarians Twibe – 1032 members

Careers Twibe – 29 members


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