Using Twitter for customer service – Netvibes

1 Jan

I’d heard a bit about people receiving follow-up customer services response to Tweets e.g. from JetBlue. It doesn’t seem to be big yet, but it must be in line to grow in 2009. As Twitter continues to expand so quickly, 422% growth in a year in the U.S. according to Nielsen Online, companies are going to get more sensitive to critical tweets lying around the internets ready for TwitterSearch and Google to retrieve for future customers. So I was interested to receive a response from a Netvibes employee to an irritated Tweet of mine, albeit an indirect response…

I post this on Twitter:

what’s up with netvibes? I edit HTML in one box, and suddenly all my tabs are gone and all my widgets in ‘Lost & Found’.

Hi Helen,

I saw your tweet today about some issues were having and how you were presenting with netvibes. For the issues, send a message to @netvibes_help on twitter for assistance with the Lost and Found problem.

I also wanted to talk with you to get a better idea of how you are using / planning to use Netvibes. There could be some fits for a more comprehensive partnership.

Look forward to connecting!

Unfortunately I neither check LinkedIn or the email account it forwards messages to very often, so completely missed this until, well, today (what happens when social networks collide). So this was an interesting one on a couple of counts. First, it was good to get a prompt response, and I had been fishing for this a bit by Tweeting on my complaint. Second, it is interesting that a Netvibes employee picked up on it, but presumably not the one operating netvibes_help who I had expected to be monitoring for this.

So Netvibes is operating Twitter-based customer help, but responding to messages targeted at them rather than proactively seeking out problems. With only 326 followers, this service doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, and it is isn’t mentioned on the Netvibes site as far as I can see. I would be interested to hear if anyone has used it, and what response you get. Is it a good shortcut to personal assistance?

Netvibes accounts on Twitter:

  1. netvibes
  2. netvibes_help

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